The origins of Reiki are deeply rooted in Eastern traditions ranging from Buddhism to the martial arts. Reiki is a distillation of the philosophies of these traditions into one unique practice. The word Reiki means the ‘universal life energy’ or the ‘sacred energy’ that the practitioner transmits.

With body, mind and spirit disconnected, there can be no complete healing. A soul that is sick will manifest its ‘dis-ease’ ultimately as physical symptoms. Alternative therapies diverge from conventional medicine in their understanding of the origins of disease. The therapist sees the patient as being more than a body. Therefore, they also seek to treat the spirit within, which is the key source of imbalance in our minds and bodies. Reiki can help us to understand the root causes of any dis-ease that afflicts us. The thoughts and feeling we have about ourselves and the world are the chief cause of our suffering. Yet we must learn to explore these beliefs with compassion and without guilt, and without judging the people who gave us these beliefs, such as ‘I am not good enough’.

The final element of the energy body, and the common to both the meridian and chakra systems, is the aura. The aura is an egg-shaped field of energy that completely surrounds the human body, even extending beneath the feet. It is sometimes described as a ‘rainbow of light’ as it contains all the colors of the rainbow. The purpose of this energy field is to support the growth of the physical body, and in this respect it is like an energy grid that exists before the body does.

Regardless of the motivation each person has for wanting Reiki in their life – and each individual’s reasons are right for them and not to be judged or compared with others. First of all, these will be felt on a physical and emotional level. Reiki supports the body’s ability to heal itself by restoring its energy balance. It strengthens the immune system so that all types of illnesses can be resisted, or at least overcome more quickly. Reiki also offers us the opportunity for spiritual development. It is much more than a therapy – it is a multi-faceted practice that when used on a daily basis feeds the soul.

Reiki is one of the tools we can use to guide us through life. Reiki promotes physical health, mental clarity and spiritual advancement, and can be incorporated into any lifestyle, You don’t have to go anywhere special to practice it – Reiki is available everywhere you are, and you are never separate from it.

Reiki Grand master- Richa Chawla

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