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Reiki is a miraculous healing energy that comes from highest divine source. This word Reiki means Universal Life force which comes from two Japanese words, 'Rei', meaning Universal, and 'Ki', meaning Life Force. Reiki is Spiritually Guided Energy that has its own wisdom and knows exactly what to heal. Reiki is a simple form of spiritual healing that uses hands-on healing technique, with the idea of improving life force. Reiki was rediscovered by Japanese Buddhist monk, Dr.Mikao Usui in early 1900.Dr. Mikao Usui (15th August 1865 - 9th March 1926). The founder of Reiki as natural healing is Dr. Mikao Usui, born on 15th Aug. 1865. At the turn of the century in late 1800 Dr. Usui was the president of Doshishua University, a small Christian University in Kyoto, Japan It is believed that "ki" flows throughout the universe, and that Reiki connects humans in a more direct way to this universal source.

Everyone can learn Reiki. There is no limit of age, cast, religion or education. No physical labor, no need for blind faith, just desire and devotion is required.



I have learnt violet flame from richa chawla. it helped me a lot to overcome my patients like : depression; mental trauma’s; and several cases of health , wealth and living hood.
Thanks a lot for teaching this wonderful healing method.
I have also experienced richa chawla's tarot reading and as she told me to follow the suggestions after the reading. i followed them. it helped me to overcome the issue which i faced. hence tarot too helped me.RAHUL ADHIKARY

It was Amazing, Awesome,Outstanding experience of reiki LEVEL1 and LEVEL 2 with Grand Master Richa Chawla and it really helps me to balance my energy, gives me confidence and help me move forward. I feel very relaxed and in less pain after.
So,i can say it was a Wonderful journey of Reiki world of LEVEL 1 AND 2 which changed my life and I am also going to move further for next levels very soon to become a Reiki grand master.And i advice to all the youngsters to take interest in energy field Reiki to bring success , prosperity, as well as wealth in their life.RAHUL JAIN

"Richa Chawla is an excellent teacher.She has vast knowledge on energy healing and tarot card.I have learned Reiki- Grand master level, Lama-Fera, and violet flame healing technique from madam Richa Chawla.Her teaching technique is very interesting." Debanjan chakraborty, Birati

"I was suffering from depression since long. Past memories were haunting me too often. Fearful of the side effects of the modern medicine I did a reiki course under the guidance of Mrs. Chawla. Now I am an active professional with overall better understanding of life." Monalisha Banerjee, Baghajatin

" I Was Tired Of Taking Medicines And Various Opinions Of Doctors As I Was Suffering From Colitis, Spondylitis, Arthritis,Skin And Hair Problems. After That I Took Reiki As My Permanent Cure, As Medicine. I Took Karuna Reiki Classes, Tarot Reading From Richa Chawla In Which She Helped Me Out In A Proper Guidance And As A True Grand Master Of Reiki . She Has Helped Me Not Only In Acquiring Knowledge Of Reiki But Still Today She Is Guiding Me On Phone Regarding How To Practise Reiki In A Easy And Effective Way In All My Hard Times. She Is Never Bored To Entertain After Long Time Of Classes. Her Tarot Reading Was Very Amazing And I Think She Is Very Good In Providing Solutions In Tarot Reading." Prosenjit Kumar Saha, Dhakuria

"Due to major financial problems in last three years I've consulted so many astrologers but it didn't help me in a very convincing way. Then I found the remedial way of holistic healing and tarot card reading from internet & also found Richa Ma'am contact no there. She has done very accurate tarot card reading for me and from her guidance I wear crystal which helped me a lot and my financial condition had improved day by day. I express my gratitude to Richa Ma'am for her guidance. "

" I've learned Reiki,Karuna Reiki, Magnified Healing & Violet Flame Healing from beloved Grand master Richa ma'am within two to three months. Within this short period of time my peace of mind, concentration, confidence level, positive attitude to the life & relationship have improved in a greater extent. I can achieve anything and everything in my life through all these holistic healing modality. With the help of these healing techniques I cured a problem of lungs of a patient within 1 month. Thanks to Reiki Guides, Mother Kwan Yin, Violet Flame & many many thanks to Richa ma'am. Snehashis Parui, Konnagar, Hooghly.

"My son was so naughty that he could not concentrate in his studies. With the level of competition in schools today I turned to ' Mind Body & Soul ' , the reiki center at Sugam Park for a solution. I found great changes in him. He was always sharp but I never thought he would study so hard and crack the admission tests of the most prestigious schools in Kolkata." Sonia Agarwal, Narendrapur

"I was sick & tired of visiting doctors for my knee pain though I was not getting any relief . The severe nature of my pain made sure I was restless to find a cure. Thank God I found the Reiki Healing Temple right then. With only half of the course through I already feel much better with most of the pain gone." Tejender Kaur & Kanwaljeet Kaur, Bhabanipur

"Reiki has helped me in conceiving pregnancy and i am very thankful to Reiki Grand master Mrs. Richa Chawla." Kohinoor Chakraborty

"Due to the effect of Reiki, mine and my brothers study life has improved a lot. Thanx to Reiki and Reiki Grandmaster Mrs. Richa Chawla." Jyoti Prasad


Offered Courses


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Crystal Reiki

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Karuna Reiki

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Lama Fera Reiki

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Magnified Healing

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Tarot Reading

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